Meet the Cesky Terrier

Ch Talyot Damocles ShCM (EW09)–top Cesky dog in 2010

I am a unique, highly intelligent, well-muscled and energy rich terrier bred to hunt. But, don’t let that fool you. I’m also soft coated, extremely loyal to my family and friends, reserved and cautious around strangers and I will definitely work for food. I crave attention.  I am sensitive. I like my schedules and my life is all about . .  you guessed it . . . me.

To keep me in the pink I need your time for routine exercise and fun. Although not a hand stripped dog, I’m in need of regular grooming as you can tell by my unique appearance. Because I have a strong jaw for hunting, I cannot be left alone with toys. I will destroy them. And while I do love food, I cannot be left alone to eat at will. I need routinely given measured amounts of food. Oh, I also need down time with my family and I really like my tummy scratched.

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