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ACTFA, Inc. has taken great strides forward in the area of Judges’ Education/Public Education. Committee Chairman Dann Wilson produced a new Cesky Brochure for the general public that has been distributed at many dog shows as well as Meet the Breed Events. You may obtain a copy of What is a Cesky Terrier? by clicking here: Cesky Terrier.


Judge's Seminar in Indiana, Pennysylvania

Judge’s Seminar in Indiana, Pennysylvania

We have also revised our Judges’ Education Seminar. This DVD and the work on its presentation came from Dann Wilson, ACTFA Corresponding Secretary Lynne Kuczynski Veazie and ACTFA Vice President Barbara Hopler. Their efforts and those of other ACTFA Board Personnel and Members resulted in dozens of future Cesky judges receiving a clear and concise overview of our Breed Standard as well as hands-on experience with representative Ceskys. These Judges’ Seminars have proven both exciting, and effective in our education efforts. A copy of this DVD may be obtained by sending a check in the amount of $20 made payable to ACTFA, Inc. to Jean Hester-Kyttle, ACTFA Treasurer, 369 Pony Lane, Mt. Airy, North Carolina 27030.

Last, but certainly not least, criteria have been established by our Board of Directors for selecting Certified Club Mentors, Certified Club Mentors have been identified, and a program has been established by which future Cesky judges may receive an education in the Cesky Terrier and receive their signature certification by any of these Certified Club Mentors.

Currently, Certified Mentors are: Dann Wilson, Duncan Ritchie, Lynne Kuczynski Veazie, Bob Comer and Linda Comer. The “loop” in Judges’ Education is closed when the Certified Club Mentor informs the ACTFA Judges’ Education Chairman that mentoring has been effectively conducted and the Judges’ Education Chairman confirms with AKC the name of the judge whose signed certification was forwarded for acceptance by AKC.

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Contact about Dann Wilson (dann [dot] wilson [at] sympatico [dot] ca) to request ACTFA’s participation in a JE symposium.

Following is a list of judges who have attended the ACTFA’s Judges’ Education seminar/hands-on workshops:
· Anderson, Sandra (Ontario)
· Barlow, Anne (TX)
· Blankenship, Carmen (TX)
· Brewster, Joy (CT)
· Brown, Kathi (MA)
· Clark, Connie H (CA)
· Clark, Houston (TN)
· Clark, Toddie (TN)
· Constantine, John (PA)
· Flyckt-Pedersen, Geir (NC)
· Hafner, Nancy (AL)
· Hill, Kari (SC)
· Howse, Jerry Lee (VA)
· Klingler, Margo (TX)
· Koltes, Minna-Liisa (NC)
· Krogh, David (OR)
· Leone, Louise (CO)
· Lewis, Gloria (FL)
· Muthard, Elizabeth (VA)
· Olvis, Charles (VA)
· Pertuit, Al (SC)
· Ramey-LeBlanc, Kim (Ontario)
· Rickard, Valeria (VA)
· Ringle, Eric J. (FL)
· Rusby, Jacqueline (Quebec)
· Scott, Joan (DE)
· Seaberg, Claudia (TN)
· Smith Hafner, Nancy (AL)
· Swartwood, David (Ontario)
· Tatro III, Harold “Red” (TX)
· Taylor, Carolyn (IL)
· Williams, R. C. (CA)
· Wood, Barbara J. (NJ)
· Young, Gale (MA)