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Judge's Seminar in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Judge’s Seminar in Indiana, Pennysylvania

The Cesky Terrier is a rare breed. What isn’t so rare, however, is the volume of information available for judges, owners and potential owners on this fine breed. The source of this information is the Parent Breed Club, the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association, Inc. (ACTFA). Additionally, please find our new Cesky Terrier brochure entitled “What is a Cesky Terrier” by clicking here.

ACTFA education is divided into seven regions each with a Club certified mentor as director and additional Club certified mentors to assist anyone seeking information. We strongly urge judges and interested parties to seek out only Club Certified Mentors to receive accurate information on our breed. Our Board approved regional directors are listed below:


Brian Heindl

NORTHEAST: BRIAN HEINDL: Brian is a professional handler with over 20 years’ experience training, managing and showing multiple breeds. His daughter Erika is an assistant handler having caught the conformation “bug” from her enthusiastic dad. Brian presents a unique perspective on the Cesky Standard as only a handler of his caliber can. If you live in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware or Pennsylvania Brian will be happy to assist you. He can be reached at 631-848-6561



Glenn Dorsey

SOUTH: GLENN DORSEY: Glen is our resident expert on genetics and Cesky development as well as the ACTFA historian. He can trace any Cesky Terrier back to its roots and present a clear understanding of Cesky creator Frantisek Horak’s ideal pack friendly hunting dog. He tutors in the states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland. He can be reached at 540-239-6636.


Gregg Bridge-Chase

Gregg Bridge-Chase

MIDWEST: GREGG BRIDGE-CHASE: Gregg and wife/Board Treasurer Sandy are Cesky breeders and travel yearly to the birthplace of the Cesky Terrier (The Czech Republic) to participate in “Cesky Days”, the annual national celebration of the national dog.  They are members of the National Cesky Club of The Czech Republic and extremely knowledgeable in Cesky history and European Cesky culture. Gregg mentors those in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. He can be reached at 309-230-8511.

SOUTHWEST: NICK FLETCHER: Many know Nick and wife/Board Director Doreen as long time owners, breeders and handlers of Kerry Blues and now Cesky Terriers. With his Ceskeys Nick has won BOB at the prestigious Crufts dog show in England and in 2018 won his third consecutive BOB at MCKC. With just under 50 years in conformation Nick is an excellent tutor in the Cesky Standard. Nick covers Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana and Arkansas. He can be reached at 817-400-8178.

Julie Gritten

Julie Gritten

WEST AND NORTHWEST: JULIE GRITTEN:  Julie owns, handles and breeds Ceskeys after having worked numerous years with Scottish Terriers. She is also a member of the Cesky Club in the Czech Republic and, like Gregg, travels to the Czech Republic for “Cesky Days.” She routinely corresponds with European Cesky breeders and remains current on European Cesky issues. Julie teaches about the Cesky Terrier in Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, Washington, California and Oregon. She can be reached at 914-582-8410.

Elizabeth Leubbers

Elizabeth Luebbers

MOUNTAIN STATES: ELIZABETH LUEBBERS and BECKY GOODWIN. Both ladies are members of the ACTFA Board of Directors and both have extensive experience in multiple breeds other than the Cesky Terrier. Both have trained and handled Cesky champions and are well qualified instructors on the merits of the breed. They teach in the states of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Liz and be reached at 303-758-0024. Becky is available at 913-558-4845.



JUDGES’ EDUCATION/PUBLIC EDUCATION CHAIRMAN: BOB COMER: Bob is a founding member of ACTFA and a past president. He has owned and handled Ceskeys since 2004. He can be reached at 269-781-4618.

In Conclusion:  Those that live with Cesky Terriers on a daily basis understand ow extraordinary these animals are. There intelligence, loyalty to family, and incredible zest for life, companionship and, of course, food is beyond measure. Try and find a Cesky owner today who would never own another of these magnificent dogs. We dare you!

If you are a member of ACTFA and wish to participate in Meet the Breeds or are an ACTFA member with the necessary AKC qualification and want to be an ACTFA Certified Mentor please contact Bob Comer at comerbl [at] outlook [dot] com


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