Momentum Options Welcome to the home of the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association, Inc. We are dedicated to the education of Cesky Terrier owners and fanciers and to responsible, ethical breeding to ensure the physical and mental health of our dogs while adhering to the AKC breed standard.  Our site is still under development so please be patient while we continue to update pictures and text!

Wendy C. Turgeon
3/31/2013 Trading Options

The Mission of the ACTFA is:

  • Collecting and disseminating  factual information concerning Cesky Terriers.
  • Supporting local Cesky Terrier specialty clubs nationwide.
  • Providing opportunities to test your Cesky Terrier’s skills through activites and events including: Therapy Dog. Obedience Trial, Rally Obedience Trial, Agility Trial, Go to Ground Hunting Trial, Tracking Trial, and Conformation Show
  • Holding yearly Cesky Terrier Events for our members and the fancier of the Cesky Terrier. best trading platforms for options